MELBOURNE, April 2007. Chef-turned-cheese aficionado Andrew Gray has searched Australia for the finest available milk to create 180 Acres, a premium range of dairy products, to be launched nationally in April 2007.

Working closely with master cheese-makers, Andrew has crafted a new range of quality dairy products, using traditional methods and exceptional milk. The initial 180 Acres range includes seven goat’s cheeses using milk from a small herd of Tasmanian goats, made into cheese within 24 hours of milking.

“Lush green paddocks and contented goats deliver the freshest milk, which we’ve used to create a range of delicious cheeses,” says Andrew.

“I grew up with goats and am passionate about great goat’s cheese. This was an opportunity to create a product with a direct link back to a well managed farm.”

Feedback from leading chefs encouraged Andrew to reduce the salt content and increase the moisture in his cheeses, resulting in clean, delicate flavours. The 180 Acres Chevre created a favourable impression with international chefs and wine writers visiting Australia for the recent Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, who quickly noted its complexity and creaminess.

Brand philosophy

Producing the finest and freshest dairy products requires sourcing milk of the highest quality from various regions throughout Australia.

Andrew Gray
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